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The onscreen chemistry between Daniel Craig and Olivia Wilde was also incredibly disappointing.

Considering that both of these stars ooze sexuality, the chemistry between Craig and Wilde seemed forced. Natalie Portman and Hayden Christensen’s chemistry in the “Star Wars” trilogy was completely unconvincing.

She said: On 14th June 2011, Portman gave birth to their first child Aleph Portman-Millepied, a son.

They shared the great joy of expecting a second child in September 2016. Similarly, Portman and Nathan Bogle were an item in 2007.

In addition to sporting a memorble rattail hairdo in the film, and playing a—spoiler alert—young Darth Vader, arguably one of the most widely-known villains in filmic history, he soon after took on a different type of evil as the unethical journalist Stephen Glass in .

The thriller features Christensen as a Wall Street executive named Will on a quest to reconnect with his son; their hunting trip turns south as they become involved with a gang of bank-robbing, murderous criminals.

DORMENT: I understand you and your brother, Tove, were actively involved in developing the film [through their production company, Forest Park Pictures]. CHRISTENSEN: Just the subject matter in general—journalism.However, Portman attended the ‘Screen Actors Guild Awards’ with her baby bump.When asked about her upcoming baby’s name, she said that she needs to meet her child first to decide a name.The star’s representative revealed that both the mother and her baby are in sound health.Portman couldn’t attend the ‘Oscars’ and the ‘Independent Spirit Awards’ because of her baby’s birth, but she had pre-informed about her absence giving pregnancy as the reason.

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