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Is this one of the heavier roles you've played?

I don't think it's the heaviest, but certainly has its moments.

So they were just sort of reading people and seeing what kinds of people interested them.

Adam Scott: I didn’t at all, I just met him that at that audition. But then a couple years later when I went in, we had a meeting when I came in to meet him for this go-round, and we got along really well.

You know, we’re just kind of like, nerds in our 30s.

I think a lot of us are a lot more cautious with marriage because of what we saw happening with our parents. I'm not sure when, but I know it's coming up.

I see a lot more healthy marriages in my generation than they probably saw in theirs.

One of the ultimate nightmares for any person is to walk in on their parents. But it was a much different situation than the movie. It was a perfectly happy upbringing for me and my siblings. For a lot of people, divorce is an incredibly healthy move to make in your life.

It's surreal for people that haven't spoken in 20 years and have been divorced for so long, having sex right in front of your eyes. The film brings up the idea of the "divorce generation" as a phenomenon - but still, it's an individual phenomenon. Now, I'm sure if I got married when I was 22, I'm not sure that would've worked out.

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