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Dating service for beautiful people

The big news was broken on Twitter where Troy Hunt who is the operator of the Have IBeen made a public announcement stating that due to the insecure Mango DB test server left unguardedly open, without an admin password, millions of clients’ data was leaked and exposed on the Dark Web where their personal details are being traded.The details of the leaked customer accounts have been on display on Hunt’s service website, all those registered with Beautiful can check out the Hunt’s service and search for their email address and find out if their details are lying there after the big leak.

At the moment, Sweden is the country with the most beautiful people and plunging to the ugliest country in the world with the lowest acceptance rate is the United Kingdom.Hodge says members are not compensated for offering to become donors, but if their donation works out then compensation is between them and the fertility clinic.Culture delivered to your inbox Where did this idea come from?Another scandal is already in the air as Forbes staff writer, claims to have known about the insecure, unsafe database since last December, he allegedly was informed by Mac Keeper’s security researcher Chris Vickery.The two contacted Beautiful People, who told them the database they had discovered, was only a test server and that no actual user information was exposed.

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The site, which touts itself as the largest community of beautiful people with more than 600,000 members around the globe, says their virtual fertility forum will allow attractive donors to find (or help) someone who matches their “procreation interests.”More than 200 members have already signed up, according to Greg Hodge, the site’s managing director.