Dating someone with bipolar symptoms

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That being said, to a large degree, a person's bipolar disorder contributes significantly to their behavior, personality, and relationships.With that, you do have to learn to love the whole package, so to speak.If you are currently dating someone with bipolar disorder, you may struggle with a number of challenges like how you can support him or her while still caring for yourself.Here are some real life tidbits on dating a person with bipolar disorder: Knowledge is power, so learn as much as you can about your partner's disease.After all, is it the person who is bipolar, or is it the relationship?Regardless of these semantic problems, let’s go with the first definition and discuss the issues that arise in relationships with people who have bipolar disorder.While other disorders, such as depression and anxiety, may work in cycles or waves, Bipolar Disorder requires constant, vigilant management.

One of the realities for the loved ones is they begin to understand that they cannot expect the person to always be consistent; they know the mood and behavior can significantly change.It can be difficult to find good resources on the subject.Much of what is online is anecdotal and often badly misinformed.For the Ancient Greeks, it was Athens and Sparta whose relationship was bipolar.Frankly, the older interpretation might make more sense.

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Bipolar Disorder is one of the most severe mental disorders a person could have.

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