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It may be more difficult to find a professional shearer if you have only a few animals in need of shearing.

Llamas are not generally shorn in such a manner that the fleece is removed in one piece; rather the fleece is separated according to quality as it is removed from the animal.

This is a good economical cut that will provide a lot of heat relief for your llama.

Chute Rental - The portable llama chute (restraint device) makes it much safer for the llama and handler. Chute charge is per shearing session regardless as to how many llamas are shorn.

The need for skin protection varies according to the llama’s skin color. A llama typically will need 3 inches of undercoat for winter warmth.

A llama sheared to one inch in the spring should grow an adequate coat by winter.

A 4-year-old llama had an aggressive, multiloculated, expansile bone lesion involving the rostral mandible.

The mandibular lesion was imaged using radiography and computed tomography.

Even if you aren’t interested in using or selling the fleece, the llama’s health will benefit from shearing if you live where summers are hot.

This llama had been healthy since birth and was fed grass hay.

All the llamas in the herd received annual vaccinations with a 7-way vaccine (Vision7 with SPUR; Bayer, Agriculture Division, Animal Health, Shawnee Mission, Kansas, USA), a rabies vaccine (Imrab3; Rhone Merieux, Athens, Georgia, USA), and tetanus toxoid (Tetanus Toxoid; Fort Dodge Laboratories, Fort Dodge, Iowa, USA); they were also dewormed with injectable ivermectin (Ivomec Injection for Cattle and Swine 1%; Merck Ag Vet Division, Merck, Rahway, New Jersey, USA) every 4 mo. The owner considered his other llamas to be normal.

When the fiber has grown out these ridges will even-out with the rest of the fiber length.

Good for those llamas that struggle with the summer heat and humidity.

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Llamas do vary considerably in fleece length and thickness, so the importance and frequency of shearing will depend on the individual animal as well as climate.

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