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Online dating script review

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(It’s like a “Hangover” movie in which the characters happen to discover the cure for cancer — you can’t help but think that maybe the screenwriters were focused on the wrong thing.) If the kids in “Project X” can throw a better house party than a bunch of Chicago grown-ups, then something’s wrong with this picture.

From a casting perspective, directors Josh Gordon and Will Speck (“Blades of Glory”) do everything they can to spike this punch bowl, bringing back Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston (whom they directed in “The Switch”) to play the company’s chief technical officer, Josh Parker, and its fun-averse interim CEO, Carol Vanstone, respectively.

Largely dismal thesping briefly perks up during an early stretch carried by appealing young performers Austin James as teenage Red and Abigail Mavity as his feisty love interest, Hanna.

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Josh has just gotten his divorce papers, clearing the way for him to shag co-worker Tracey Hughes (Olivia Munn).

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