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The form of the Pantheon is particularly debated, its original shape reflects a traditional rectangular temple but over the centuries was damaged many times, destroyed in a fire in 80 AD, it was rebuilt by Domitian but destroyed again under Trajan's rule and rebuilt by Hadrian between 118 and 125 AD but this time in a totally different, circular design as we see it today.

Create slow-mo videos with the high-speed mode or shoot POV snowboarding videos with the extreme sports mode.This means the Restore-L design has met initial mission requirements, and will now move on to a more detailed design phase to flesh out the specifics of the spacecraft SSR will construct with a launch window target of 2020.More (Source: Tech Crunch - Aug 9) CONSTRUCTION OF ONEWEB’S NEW SATELLITE FACTORY IS MOVING QUICKLY - The manufacturing plant, located just outside the gates of the Kennedy Space Center and near Blue Origin’s New Glenn factory, will be used to produce the bulk of the company’s initial constellation of 900 broadband communications satellites.SPACEX IS LAUNCHING A SUPERCOMPUTER TO THE INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION - As it nears the end of its second decade, the International Space Station is starting to hit its stride.The large orbital laboratory offers private companies a chance to test business ideas in microgravity, serves as a testbed for astronaut health, and allows NASA to prove technologies for future missions into deep space.

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But it doesn't end here..Pantheon is proud of being the first temple in the history of the world built for the common people and still the largest surviving concrete dome from antiquity while all the rest of Roman monuments has been shattered, moreover it boasts a splendid outer colonnade supporting a triangle pediment with the Agrippa's inscription of stunning Greek inspiration.