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Speed dating the movie soundtrack

Lisa (Margot Stilley) is an American student in London for the summer; Matt (Kieran O'Brien) is a research geologist whose work takes him out to the Antarctic to analyse the ice strata.

He narrates the action in hindsight, gazing out over that freezing white mass, a continent unvisited by humans until the 20th century.

So then I had this idea that developed, and I did a draft of the script where that’s a song that means something to him–it’s almost like his security blanket song.

It’s something he remembers his mother singing, and he has it on his i Pod as his song to banish out all darkness.

All four members of the band have a crush on her, and it leads to a temporary argument between them.

The other band members ended up giving up on her, however Kendall continues to pursue her.

Jendall (J/o) and (K/endall) is the romantic pairing of Kendall Knight and Jo Taylor.

It can also be referred to as Ko (K/endall) and (J/o).

They know inside that they love each other but they don't admit it in the episode, but Jo almost says she does.This pairing is the most popular ship in the BTR fandom, along with Lomille and Kucy who are the main rivals.Kendall and Jo's relationship is introduced in Big Time Love Song when Jo moves to the Palm Woods.So he plays ‘Easy’ after something traumatic has just happened as a way of banishing the clouds. Some were attached to sorely underrated movies, others were overshadowed by wildly successful ones, and some have simply been forgotten in the passage of time.

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