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Treee ring dating

We undertake both private and commercial commissions in dendrochronology throughout the UK: Most previous reports are available for purchase and these are listed on the Building page.

One on sampling of live trees on the Ancient Oak at Lullingstone Park and one on dating a timber-frame building at The Rock Inn, Chiddingstone. You won't find the fancy Flash-driven pages here anymore — I want these pages to be readable, enjoyable, and (most of all) educational for all, especially those with learning and physical disabilities.My goal is to make available as much information about dendrochronology as I can possibly find on the Internet, from the basics of tree-ring dating, to reference and bibliographic information, to products and supplies, to books, and more!Dendrochronology or tree-ring dating is the scientific method of dating using the annual nature of tree growth in suitable tree species.Dendrochronology allows the exact calendar year in which each tree rings was formed to be established enabling the precise dating of trees and timbers.

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I believe that a scientific discipline is only as efficient and important to society as the information available to it. If you've found these pages useful, please consider making a small donation using the Paypal buttons at the top and bottom of this page. Also, to further help offset costs of maintaining this web site, consider buying items from my online bookstore and online tree-ring supply store through

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