Updating nvidia drivers on macbook pro

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Updating nvidia drivers on macbook pro

A reader with a 2012 MBP wrote he had problems with this driver in Sierra. When I installed the above driver for my Mid 2012 Retina Mac Book Pro, Safari kept freezing and causing OS Sierra to restart. I reverted back to the default driver and all is well.So folks having problems may want to revert to the default driver. Not sure there would have been any benefit to using it for the MBP and being a first release driver for a major OS upgrade (and new Safari v10), there's likely still bugs present.It seems an odd turn of words to state that an operating system "requires" updates...Apple makes its own drivers & they are included in the OS updates. I started playing ED on my Mac Book Pro (I'm on a separate continent from my gaming PC) a few days ago.It's an early-2013 15" inch model with the Ge Force 650M discrete card. It's typically good at running games, though I realize it's just a laptop.

CUDA driver which supports mac OS Sierra 10.12 will be available at a later date.I decided to try and squeeze some more power out of the 650M by downloading NVidia's display driver, rather than using the OS X version.Driver installed fine and appeared to detect the 650M. If it helps, I was running an outdated version of El Capitan from October (I've been in a place with *really* bad internet), and I just updated to 10.11.5 today. I started playing ED on my Mac Book Pro (I'm on a separate continent from my gaming PC) a few days ago.Installing the Nvidia drivers did slightly increase the overall FPS even using the OSX drivers - maybe it updates some common resource?Download Nvidia Graphics Driver Update for OS X 10.10.5 (build 14F1909) Download page for Nvidia Graphics Driver 3f08 for OS X 10.10.5 build 14F1909.

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(The build number after installing Security Update 2016-004.) (At original post time, the page's release notes has "Mac OS X El Capitan 10.10.5" in error.) As before, the D/L page refers to an older CUDA version (6.0.51) but link goes to CUDA 7.5.30.

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